July Meeting

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

8:08 AM

Tooele Technical College        88 S Tooele Blvd (1100 W)

Women In Business Open House Meet and Greet

For our 1 year anniversary and with so many new members we would like all of you to come and tell all of us a little bit about you! After everyone has had a few minutes we will socialize and get some more of your questions answered.

As always, BRING A FRIEND!

July Ladies Night Out

Thursday, July 18 5-6:30 PM

Bonneville Sea Base

Fish Pedicures if you dare and S'mores!


June 2018

Tooele City Library  128 W Vine St

Jami plans to talk about business resources, including resources to help business owners direct their staff members to free training resources. When employees can learn how to use technology tools, enhance their communication skills, etc... owners and managers put their energy into other things and more effectively build their businesses.

The “Summer Experience” for this year is a pretty big animal. So I’ll try to have some takeaways or give an over view for folks who want to stay a little longer than normal. I don’t want it to take away from the time available.

Since the library is not open for business until 10, I will be at the library before 8 to get things arranged. Attendees can enter at the door just next to the main entrance and head into the community room. I’ll put some directional signage up. The rest of the library will be locked. But we will have easy access to the meeting room and restrooms.

Come see what business resources our local libraries have to offer.

Remember to bring a friend! I will have the summer schedule of meetings and activities so you can plan ahead!