Corporate Games

To nobody’s surprise, Kraver’s killed it in Trapshoot by only missing 10 out of 250 birds.  TEAD A and Clean Harbors A slaughtered 217 clay pigeons and participated in “Sudden Death” where TEAD A broke the tie breaker to win 2nd place leaving Clean Harbors A to pick up the pieces for 3rd.  A shout out goes to Ty Green who participated for EnergySolutions;  Although the team goal was to win 1st place, Ty’s personal goal was to beat his grandpa Howard Murray, which he did 48 to 45.  Congrats Ty!


It was a simple day for Bubble Ball Soccer. Four out of six teams showed up giving me more quilt time.  Detroit Diesel A did not lose a match so obviously they took 1st place.  FPRS tried hard but got too winded so they had to settle for 2nd.  Meanwhile, MWMC and EnergySolutions were tied so they went for sudden death and MWMC kicked more goals to win 3rd.


Believe it or not, all the teams who signed up for the Fishing Contest showed up.  Granted a couple of them only had one or two fishermen, but hey, it’s points and possibly dinner!  I don’t usually brag about the size of fish I catch, but if anyone says they won by more than half a pound in this contest is definitely telling tales.  TEAD won 1st place by catching 4.36 pounds of fish, while Cargill Salt B hooked 4.27 pounds for 2nd and EnergySolutions reeled in 4 pounds for 3rd.


And last but not least was the (not lying!) everlasting Billiards event.  TEAD B won their first two matches against Clean Harbors A and EnergySolutions, but lost their next two to Clean Harbors B and EnergySolutions, placing 3rd.  Clean Harbors B had quite the conundrum when it was time to play the EnergySolutions team.  Clean Harbors B hung their balls in the pockets too many times allowing EnergySolutions to win overall.  BTW, Clean Harbors B will forever be known as “We’re Solids Right?”


Once again, the games were a success.  FPRS joined the fun this year which presented more strategic planning for their aggressive competition.  They placed in five out of six of their events (not counting their extra teams).


Every year these games get easier to coordinate and it couldn’t be done without you, the participants.  In previous years I’ve mentioned that I’m done coordinating, but I seem to keep coming back.  Again, it’s because of you.  You make it fun.  You make it successful.  You make my job easy.  Therefore, I thank you.


And of course, I’d like to thank the Tooele County Chamber ladies, Tina, Cyndie, and Deb.  It was a pleasure visiting with you and getting to know you better.


Attached are two documents, the final results and a survey.  Please review the results to ensure I recorded everything correctly and give the survey to all your participants to complete.  I don’t need to know who it came from, but need the info so we can improve next year’s games.  You can email them back to me as you receive them, or all in one email, but please send me something.


Drum roll please…


The Corporate Cup goes to Detroit Diesel with 143 points for the overall win.  EnergySolutions earned 2nd place with 135 and TEAD won 3rd with 107 points. The trophies, Spirit of the Games and Volunteer Awards will be presented at the Tooele County Chamber of Commerce Annual Summer Barbeque this Friday, August 11th, @ 6:00 pm at the Tooele City Aquatic Park on Vine Street.  You can purchase a hot dog, bottle of water, bag of chips, and a chocolate chip cookie for $2 per person.  Children 2 and under eat for free with the purchase of one adult order.


In hopes I see you again and should I get the privilege to work with you next year, my annual farewell speech is now over.


As always, Thanks for Playin!


Jan   J